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Frequently Asked Questions:
Where and when do you deliver?

We deliver to Davis, Woodland, and Winters, and we’re open 11am-7pm Monday thru Saturday. Delivery times are typically scheduled within one to two hours from when you place your order. We always give you a heads up when we’re on our way and when we arrive at your delivery address.

Hey is this legal in Yolo County?

Yes! While we’ve been delivering to medical cannabis patients in Davis since 2016. As of early September, 2018, we have been licensed by the State of California and the City of Davis to deliver cannabis to recreational members as well as medical patients.

This is my first time, what should I order?

If this is your first time (or maybe it’s just been a while) you’re not alone.
We talk to new customers every day: from people who are just curious to people with a wide range of medical conditions. Cannabis is still a new therapeutical approach and unfortunately it can be hard to find good information: research and doctors are still catching up, and it’s difficult to sort through the mess of info online. Part of what makes People’s Kush a ‘collective’ is the combined experience of our patients in Davis and Yolo County; we’re a community of cannabis workers and patients dealing with insomnia, anxiety, cancer, chronic pain, and the list goes on… Together with our product knowledge, we work to pass on the combined experience of our patients, to help you as a first time patient!

We love questions and we can help you with suggestions on what to try, how to try it, and what it’s like to try it.
Give us a call at (530) 302-5661 to get started.

Why order from People’s Kush?

We live, work, and play in Davis, and we’re proud to be part of the Yolo County community as the first truly local cannabis delivery service. We’re also a collective, which means we follow important (we think very important!) guiding principles on how we treat our customers, ourselves and our products: community, sourcing, sustainability… these are more than buzzwords. Visit our about page to learn more about how we put them into practice.

Beyond our guiding principles of course, we know our patients expect and deserve the fundamentals: pricing, quality, and service, and we’ve got you covered!

Visit our products page to order online, or call us at (530) 302-5661