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Dear Patients,

Thank you for your continued support. The “Legalization” of Cannabis has been rocky so far, and has made it difficult and costly for medical patients to get medicine. We at People’s Kush have and will continue to advocate and educate on behalf of you, our patients. We have obtained local permission from the city of Davis and are very close to getting our temporary state license for medicinal delivery. As soon as we do our shelves will be stocked with the same great products we have provided in the past, including many of our CBD choices, vaporizers, topicals, and edibles, we know you are not all smokers and we want to provide for your preferred method, as well as we are able.

Many of you know we have been part of the CUP process for obtaining a storefront in Davis.  After seeing how this process unfolded, how medicinal patients and adult use are not really being differentiated, and how our patients are not easily able to access compassionately priced medicine at active recreational/medicinal dispensaries in Sacramento; we have decided to forgo the storefront and stick to what we do best, delivery of Cannabis to our community. Going forward we will be applying for a delivery only license. This will allow us to focus on what has been our priority from day one: patients.


Very Sincerely Yours,

The People’s Kush