The People’s Kush


Dear Davis Community Members,

The People’s Kush delivers medical cannabis to authorized patients in Davis and Yolo County.

We are a collective non-profit organization run by and for the benefit of workers and patients. We believe that marijuana, as a psychoactive substance, is sensitive to things like the love given to the soil it grows in. Call us superstitious, but we also think that when happy hands touch to grow it, trim it, and deliver it, it somehow makes our weed danker. That’s why we focus not just on a great delivery, but also making sure every stage of production – from soil to smoke – is done with “happy hands” that is ethically, for the benefit of all involved, and with respect to the environment.

We’re interested in setting an example for the broader cannabis service industry, both as a business and as long-time residents of Davis. We want a $22 an hour living wage for every cannabis worker in our County, because nobody should have to work and live in poverty.  We believe in regulations that require lab testing, so that potency and properties are known. We believe in clear, consistent labeling so that consumers can understand the anticipated strength and effects of a dosage.

Most of all, we think that the time of marijuana as a grey industry has passed. For the sake of the workers whose employers do not feel compelled to follow state labor or safety laws, for the sake of the environment under such stewardship, for the sake of the powerless among us upon whom the weight of our laws unevenly and harshly falls, and, for the sake of patients who deserve consistent access to medicine without fear or stigma: it’s time to embrace in the open what has always been a part of our community. We, the workers who have provided you with dank bud and excellent service in this industry for many decades are ready to step forward into the light and share our craft.

Welcome, friends, to our new project, The People’s Kush.

– The Workers of The People’s Kush